Chester Watson

We took the weekend off to recover from VENTURE. I know, I know, the grind never stops. It wasn’t because we aren’t, we needed it! Before we begin, we need to give thanks to everyone who was part of VENTURE 2018. Whether you attended, promoted, performed and/or helped, we appreciate it. Our goal is to become a leading position in Miami’s event scene and we can’t do it without you. Keep supporting, we’re not here to disappoint.

One of the people we appreciate for recreating our event is Shane Valentine. He’s an amazing photographer, reigning in from Orlando, FL. We got the chance to give him a space to take pictures of almost all our performers! Starting us off is Chester Watson, headliner for VENTURE 2018 (on our Instagram @umamimusic305).

Chester’s born in St. Louis, Missouri. He openly says his name isn’t Chester, so what could it be? We love the mystery. Music became a passion of his early on. At the age of 5, Los Angeles, California became Chester’s real home. Today he resides in North Miami, FL.

We found out early that Chester’s more than a rapper. In one Youtube vid, he states that he gravitated towards country more than rap (at first). We had to replay the video to make sure! He’s as talented (or more) in producing. From an early age, “Phantom” being released right around that big sweet 16, he’s been cranking out some of the sickest beats we’ve heard. Locally, his beats are unique. Universally they’re changing the game. He’s got an ear for chords, melodic structure, rhythm and fusion. It’s new, creative, and something we all need to listen to.

Before VENTURE, he released a single (40 Acres) off his upcoming E.P. “Project 0”. This is what he had to say on his sponsor clothing company’s I.G., the amazing “I Love Ugly” (since 2016):

"With 'Project 0' I’m giving people who have grown with me and my sound some familiar lo-fi vibes as well as introducing my more psychedelic and guitar-heavy style of production. I started playing guitar last year so this is also a way for me to expose and showcase that side of me. I think 'Project 0' will act as a good precursor for my Debut Album 'A Japanese Horror Film' and a good introduction for anyone looking to get into my sound.”

The last couple of years have been good to Chester. “I Love Ugly” since 2016, performance with Wu Tang member GZA in 2017, and VENTURE 2018 in 2018 :) Sorry Chester, we had to throw it in there.

*Till the next pic you see on our I.G.*




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