East vs. West

Sitting on this idea for a while now. East vs. West, we’ve seen it in rap (Biggie and Tupac), Berlin (the Berlin Wall duh) and sports (eastern vs. western conference). It almost seems like it comes across too many times to be a coincidence. We certainly don’t think it is. Ah fine, I’ll admit we’re always a little skeptical. But still, why does it keep coming by? It made us think… 

Is there an east and west divide in 305?

Miami’s eastest of the east is the land along the Atlantic. The westest of the west is inland, with farms, cows and let’s be honest, outlet malls. Outlet malls, at least it seems, make up most of the “west side” of Miami, which include Homestead and West Flagler. On the east side, we’re seeing something a whole lotta different. More money, more beach and more booze. One isn’t better than the other (for me there is but I can’t say so), they’re just two opposites in a city that’s all seen as the latter.

Well than where’s our Biggie and Tupac? We wouldn’t say there’s rappers that can match up to what Biggie and Tupac did, shot and killed each other (even though no one knows how it really went down), but we’ll try to get close. Denzel Curry, Miami, and Wifiisfuneral, West Palm Beach (WPB). We’re cheating a little with Wifi, since WPB isn’t in Miami, but it sounds good. Also, Denzel's from Miami so we're a little biased. Their beef doesn’t go past both being local rappers, but who knows, we might be calling out something that’s bound to happen…. 

So, any east vs. west battles? There’s obviously a social and economic divide between the two. However, we can’t think of a classic east vs. west battle in Miami. If you know about any, we want to hear it! Comments section below. 

P.S. If you haven’t heard Wifi, you need to go listen to “Boy Cried Wolf”. Same with Curry. If you haven’t heard “Zenith” from his album “Imperial” you needa go back to high school.