It's been another rough night. Hung out with the "homies" a little too long, watched some Netflix after and you know, did what I did. Before doing anything really, I look at my phone to see all types of texts, Instagram likes and whatever. Fuck that. I just woke up. I go to iTunes (if I'm feeling risky Spotify or Soundcloud) and play my favorite song. It changes weekly, but this week it's between Motorcycle Patches and Glass Flows. I'll let you guys look up the artists so I don't ruin the surprise. 

After listening I'm already under the shower. Music makes me get out of bed. But why? Is my brain behind it? Do these songs have lyrics that make me hyped? Are the beats making my hips move and shake? Does the sound give me energy? As I always say, good question!

I don't care about the science behind it, I'm telling you what I think. Science isn't interesting, it doesn't include fuck and bass and locals.  My hypothesis (you're welcome you scientists out there): Music wakes me up, specifically my brain and to me, turns it on. It gives me ideas and tells my brain, this is what we need to do and we have this time to do it. Lets get it done. 

For everyone its different. My point is that music drives my creativity and passion. It wakes me up and keeps me up. If it wasn't for music, I definitely wouldn't get out of my queen size Ikea (too bad its not a king).

P.S. What gets you up every morning? C'mon, there's got to be something. We don't just get out of our Ikea, extra soft beds without a valid reason. We let you in on ours. Lets hear yours. Comment section below..