2019: Predictions and so much more

Hello 2019!

We’ll get right to it. 2019 feels like a no bullshit year anyways.

Our 2019

As we’ve said multiple times, 2019 is our year. Starting next month, we’re introducing our own monthly events. On top of that, we’re planning for a big show in March followed by a collaborative event in the summer. One thing we’ll say moving forward is that we’re as excited as ever. The grind will not stop.


Two weeks into it and it’s already time to predict the whole year? Fuck we guess so. We did a little rundown of where we want to be, what we want to see, and a couple extras. To start off with we’ll do our favorite: events.

If everything goes according to plan (which we know it will), we’ll have monthly events along with quarterly festivals (March, June, September, December). The first date we’ll need to mark in our calendars is February 9th. Follow that up with the following weekend, February 15th-17th, and you got yourself a great time. Why, you ask? IIIpoints of course. Feb. 9th you’ll find out about quickest through our newsletter (subscribe below)!!

We skipped January for a reason. It’s like us, it’s a slow month to get the motor going for the rest of the year. By March we got all four wheels cranking. Miami music week takes the stage from March 25-31st and before the main event, we’re thinking of making this Spring Break, dare to say it, legendary. We’ll keep you updated as the time nears.

April-December goes something like Rolling Loud, a sh*t load of stuff to do before and after, our quarterly and monthly events as well as amazing events executed by our collaborators. Rather than get into the details, we’ll save both of our selves and leave it with the “we’ll keep you updated if you once again, subscribe to our newsletter”. ;)


How can we make a list of predictions without the highlights? Your right, we can’t. Three events we’re genuinely, very, very excited to see this year are IIIpoints, Ultra and the Art Plug Powerhouse. Here’s why:

  • IIIpoints : Three things. Vibe, line-up, people. IIIpoints is all about the culture. From marketing to artists, they know everything about Miami and what our music scene needs. This years line-up is one of the craziest things we’ve seen. C’mon, Erykah Badu and A$ap Rocky performing on the same day? It’s a weird musical paradise that we think could be better than heaven. Three words. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

  • Ultra: Ultra 2019 specifically. The move to Key Biscayne is to say the least an interesting one. We’ve kept up with their drama and after a lot of debate, we’re happy that they’ve finally confirmed a location. Too bad that there’s only three lanes in and out of the 100,000+ person festival.

  • The Art Plug Powerhouse: Like most, we slept on last years Powerhouse during Basel. This years a whole lot different. First they’re hitting Palm Beach for the Palm Beach Art Fair. Fingers crossed they’re doing more before Basel. P.S. Marcel Katz/The Art Plug is the owner and head honcho of the Powerhouse, we’re saying “they’re” because like everyone else, he’s got a team. Shoutout to the UMAMI crew.

South Florida Takes Gold

It’s not surprising to predict that SoFlo will do something record breaking this year, whether we like it or not. To keep our priorities straight, let’s explore the improvements we’re hoping to see throughout the 305.

  • Public Transportation. Rated as one of the worst in the state and country, Miami needs some better transpo. Having more buses are good, having a metro across Julia Tuttle would be better. We’ll see what happens with the Turnpike going into the Everglades first.

  • Sea level, please don’t rise. Warmer weather throughout the winter going into the summer doesn’t make for low electric bills, let’s hope we can use our scarves one last time! But, seriously, we need to start taking good environmental care of our community.

  • Learn how to recycle. You got me into it. The Miami New Times reported just a couple weeks ago that less then 20% of what you’re putting in your recycling bin is actually getting recycled. Contamination is the main issue. Basically, keep the dirty pizza boxes and make some art, they’re destroying your whole hard worked bag of recycling.

  • Rap. Last year we lost X. It was a blow to the whole South Florida music scene that we don’t think everyone’s recovered from (we haven’t). As X’s legacy lives on and his Members Only project is waiting to drop, we’re eager to see the new wave of Florida raised talent. Robb Bank$ and Wifiisfuneral promised a project and already delivered. They’re going on tour next week! Lil Pump, SmokePurrp (now with Gucci Gang lol), Kodak Black to name a few are on our list.

To make the message clear: these are only a couple predictions. We’re not covering sh*t of what we would like to write about. As the year gets going we’ll keep you updated. You know, you just have to sign up to our newsletter (below).

Would love to include your recommendations and ideas of the Magic City’s prosperous 2019 once you send us an email at umamimusic305@gmail.com. You can also go to the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form. As the saying goes, “as long as you get it done”.

Talk soon,