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Running Astray.. To Amsterdam?!?

We love to talk about Miami and it's culture but sometimes, just like everyone, we run astray. Let's talk about Amsterdam, the city we've been in the last two weeks.

Amsterdam is home to a lot, weed, prostitutes, beer and bars, a lot of bars. One of those bars is Oedipus Brewery located in Amsterdam Noord (North). For a little background, Amsterdam is separated into east (Oost), West, North (Noord) and South (Zuid). Pretty easy right? 

Anyways, Oedipus Brewery. We went there for dinner tonight. Started off great with a beer, which are all brewed on site (locals am I right?). After slamming one (and a couple more), we ordered the one thing that was on the menu, a burger. Being American, we were a little hesitant. Dutchies making burgers doesn't sound right. Well, we didn't have a choice.

While waiting for the burger van de dag (burger of the day), our intrigue brought us to checking out the place. Mind you we were sitting outside. Also, mind you that Amsterdam is having some of the best weather it's had in years, better than rainy Miami! Oh fuck, that reminds us we gotta go back on Wednesday.

The inside was simple. Painted walls, simple lighting and wooden tables. Not till we got to the back were we impressed. Huge, 30 feet brewing chambers in which all the beer of Oedipus is made. What a freaking sight. We could smell the yeast, the fruity aromas and see employees happily walking back and forth, trying each product they made (and probably drunk off it). 

Now comes the real kicker, in front of all the brewing chaos were 4 speakers and a small table with a DJ set. We said "wait a minute, hold on a second, what, waaaaiiiiiittttt, what's going on here?!?". Then, before we knew it, one of our cousins comes to say, "Oh yeah, I've been to a party here". 

WTFFFFF!!! Breweries hosting parties? That's not something you see everyday. Now, we're not talking about any party, we're talking about a 500 person rager. We said, fuck the burger, fuck the beer, let's fucking party. 

To our disappointment, there were no parties planned for the night (that's what happens when you go on a Sunday). We enjoyed our burger, which honestly wasn't too bad for Dutchies and knocked back a couple more to the sounds of the legendary Amy Winehouse. More than anything, we sat there thinking "this is real creativity, this is real use of space and energy, we need to bring this to Miami". Well, that's exactly what UMAMI'll do. Talk to you guys soon and have a great night. Much love from A'DAM.


Bathrooms at Oedipus Brewery. The creativity never stops at this joint..

Bathrooms at Oedipus Brewery. The creativity never stops at this joint..