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Before we begin, ya’ll need a little background info. We intended to have a pop-up for Basel 2018. Plans changed and you know, it’s Miami: things happen. Rather then telling you later, we thought we bring it to your attention now. Here’s UMAMI’s story behind “Locals Only”, coming to you soon enough.

“The owner of the Bridge Mia., venue space in Little Haiti (she calls it the outskirts of Wynwood), told me she created the space for a major reason: to showcase locals. After building Wynwood, artists were kicked out. Higher costs have caused close to all to abandon their home for cheaper neighborhoods. The reason: Developers! 

Everyone knows UMAMI hates developers. That’s not the point. The point is that artists built Wynwood, which has now become an integral part of Art Basel. Art Basel, for those of us who live under a rock, is Dec 7-9th. 

 Our idea is to bring back the people who lost their home. Hearing the Bridge explain their story to leaving Wynwood brought a lightbulb on top of our heads, there is no better opportunity to create awareness around Miami’s new art scene than during Basel. You know it, Basel brings out all the artsy art people.

 So, what we’ve come up with is a collaboration of two generations. The people who created Wynwood in the 90’s along with the new hipsters, displaying, creating, discovering their artistry within Miami’s diverse art scene. It’s a chance for both to meet, uncover why artists are so important to a community and for foreigners to see the real Miami, old and new. 

 Goldman Properties, you’re not invited.” 


Wynwood has it all... right?

Good fucking Monday. I have this love, hate relationship with Mondays. Even though it doesn't get easier to wake my ass up, Monday has this "do nothing" aura that's great. We all know it yet don't admit it. Just one more of our social mysteries. 

We finished a week back with Wynwood, it's history, and how it's come to "Wynwood" today. Let's talk about Wynwood today, starting with what the hell it is.

Poppin'. All I got for Wynwood (today) is poppin'. Tourists have flooded the streets, artists have only added more to the already full murals and the shopping never (I mean never) stops. Our view on Wynwood is simple. Its become a tourist hotspot and we should feel honored. 

Before we get caught up in our favorite, trendy spots,  I'd like us to see Wynwood from two perspectives. 1.) as a newcomer and 2.) as a local.

Newcomer: As a newbie to the 33127, it can be a little much. There's so much art that most don't know where to look! We take this as a bad thing (all these fucking tourists with their cameras!!), but ya'll know I think it's great. What community has such a vast array of murals, stencils, graffiti and portraits? I'm not asking about Miami, I'm talking about the world. Wynwood is one of the most active arts entertainment districts, period. With the addition of shops and food, it's a beautiful maze you don't want to get out of. 

Locals: Miamians tend to complain a little. Hey, it's not against you. I'm born and raised here too! In general, all locals have a complaint about tourists busting into their home away from home. Wynwood has seen it's fair share of locals. We started what has grown to be an international hub for art, culture and creativity. Now we see Wynwood as South Beach. Let's remind you that South Beach 30 years ago was a shit hole. Past 16th street (Lincoln Rd) and you'd have a hefty risk of getting shot. 

So, what can we do but get this all straightened out! We made a beautiful community that other people want to see. Through the years, we added more art, more shops and developed something that's never been done before. Why aren't we proud of that? Why let tourists keep us away from home? I have no clue. Yes, Wynwood is becoming too expensive, overpopulated and saturated in business. That isn't an excuse. That, young madam or man, is Miami. We made it. 

PS: Stay on the lookout for our view of Wynwood in the next 10 years. If we've developed what we have now, who knows where we'll be in 20. God I love mysteries. 

"Visually Causing Ruckus"

As promised, our unknown artist. This man is amazing. I got the chance to ask for his instagram (IG) before he went back to work. He's unstoppable when he's in the zone. Unstoppable in the sense that in 95 degree weather, he's working his ass off.

He's got a mohawk, bleached hair and wears whatever the fuck he wants. His name is @weerdo1994. I'm guessing he was born in 1994 and to all but me, he might be a weerdo. 

Part of the "Fukt Krew" with locals including mutavision, jerryspringer305, registered_artist, and kat_matrina, weerdo1994 does it all. He creates murals,  sells artwork and, if that's not enough, he'll give you a tat or two.

To us he's special. He's got something different. There's great, I mean amazingly great graffiti artists in Miami/Wynwood that we'll get to, but he's first for a reason. Besides being one of the first artists I've approached to continue working and not care about my presence (I think it's great), his art has meaning. It's him.

Check it out. I've seen art from Miami to New York to Amsterdam to Thailand. It's all different and yes, there's a reason it's made. I'm not saying that all art besides his doesn't have meaning. I'm saying that I've seen a lot of art that has a specific meaning without the artist immersing themselves in it. Let's give you an example before I get a bunch of emails saying "UMAMI, you piece of shit. My art and I have meaning!". 

Picasso. I love Picasso. I've written about him before and I've studied multiple of his works. His work has meaning. He experimented and transitioned from piece to piece in movements. As he aged, his art aged with him. I, and hopefully you can see that  certain life periods  address a certain issue, a certain societal value and he, being Picasso, shows how he feels. His art has meaning and he famously shows himself through painting. 

I'm putting Weerdo right up there with Picasso. The more I dig, the more I find. Weerdo brings together his life into artwork. I mean, look at his most recent mural on our IG @umamimusic. He makes the "typical" Miami with pink lettering, palm trees and the Miami sky line not so typical.  I mean, Grim reaper is spray painting the whole thing! What's that supposed to mean Weerdo? I'll make an educated (or uneducated) guess. Weerdo isn't typical. He doesn't see Miami through typical glasses and he sure doesn't want to. Looking at things typically is too easy. Weerdo is out there. He's creating ruckus. 

Side Note: The amazing Weerdo's IG is @weerdo1994. UMAMI contacted him before putting out this blog. He supports UMAMI and kindly asks you to show him love. We don't kindly ask, we're telling you. Check him the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck out. Did I say the fuck?




People are complicated, locals are complicated, Miami is complicated. With over 463,000 people in the beautiful city , it's hard to make it easy. Well, it can be done (Amsterdam has a population of over a million and we're smoking pot, drinking beers, having a great time). So if it's not population, what makes it hard for people in Miami to be nice to each other, enjoy the simple things in life and chill on the beach with a mojito every weekend..

If I could answer that I would already be a millionaire. Mind you I'm under the legal age to drink in these great "United States of America". 

I'll say this. In Miami, people are different. We don't like the same thing, we don't share the same religion, culture, or background and we weren't raised with the same values. I'm no expert on Amsterdam or Miami but I observe. I see that people in Amsterdam share something. "Well UMAMI, what does that mean?". Thank you self talking me. It means that in Amsterdam kids are raised to be social, adults care to talk to their neighbors (I know right, crazy stuff) and we all help each other. I just blew your mind. I blew my own. This is what Kendrick does to me. Fucking Kendrick, fucking Lamar. Master of all things music. 

Miami, as I've said and most people know (unless you're sleeping under a rock), has almost every ethnicity you can think of. We're raised differently. Different religions, different backgrounds, different economic situations, and ultimately, different cultures. I believe that's what makes us complicated. Simply with many complexities, we're different.

We want to bring Miami together. UMAMI is for bringing us together. We've heard from many communities but we need to represent everyone. Every community in Miami-Dade County (for now) should be represented, shown and participate. We're here for you!


It's been another rough night. Hung out with the "homies" a little too long, watched some Netflix after and you know, did what I did. Before doing anything really, I look at my phone to see all types of texts, Instagram likes and whatever. Fuck that. I just woke up. I go to iTunes (if I'm feeling risky Spotify or Soundcloud) and play my favorite song. It changes weekly, but this week it's between Motorcycle Patches and Glass Flows. I'll let you guys look up the artists so I don't ruin the surprise. 

After listening I'm already under the shower. Music makes me get out of bed. But why? Is my brain behind it? Do these songs have lyrics that make me hyped? Are the beats making my hips move and shake? Does the sound give me energy? As I always say, good question!

I don't care about the science behind it, I'm telling you what I think. Science isn't interesting, it doesn't include fuck and bass and locals.  My hypothesis (you're welcome you scientists out there): Music wakes me up, specifically my brain and to me, turns it on. It gives me ideas and tells my brain, this is what we need to do and we have this time to do it. Lets get it done. 

For everyone its different. My point is that music drives my creativity and passion. It wakes me up and keeps me up. If it wasn't for music, I definitely wouldn't get out of my queen size Ikea (too bad its not a king).

P.S. What gets you up every morning? C'mon, there's got to be something. We don't just get out of our Ikea, extra soft beds without a valid reason. We let you in on ours. Lets hear yours. Comment section below..