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6 FT Deep

Back and better than ever, that’s our mantra going into Summer 2019!

Kicking things off with a bang this Thursday thanks to the help of Half/Full Creative group. Coffintexts, Papelagua, and the up-and-coming Palma Vicio are set to spin the night away. Multiple vendors in the building along with trinkets and exclusive Merch! As many like to say, definitely a night you don’t want to miss.

Here’s what you need (well not need but its nice) to know about 6 ft deep:

ARTIST BIO: Coffintexts released her new E.P. today (05/21) and Paperwater only recently added to their repertoire with their release of “Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast”. Both are paving a new path in Miami’s music scene in hopes of being THE FUTURE. Very much alike, Palma Vicio is debuting his unshazamable music full of beats dating back to the 90’s.

VENUE & VENDORS: V goes with V, right? Floyd holds a special place in a heart for many Miamians. For us, we like to call it home, our favorite place in Miami, and a kickass sound system. We’re way too excited to play with this place, hope you’re excited to see it!

FUN STUFF: 6 ft deep is a creation from the mind of no other than Coffintexts. She’s come onto the scene playing hard-hitting records that make heads bob and booties shake. Coyo, done. 1306, killed. Faena, well on its way to destruction. Now it’s time to turn to Floyd, our favorite, and wreck havoc.

DID YOU KNOW: If we’re already saying fun stuff, might as well add the cheesy did you know. Palma Vicio, A.K.A, our sound guy for all UMAMI shows, lives in Orlando, FL. You’ll see him Thursday but his presence comes swiftly. We bet he’ll be back up North the next day! Papelagua, who’s ego is present, is no other than…..well, you’ll have to see.

Top to bottom, 6 ft deep incorporates sound and atmosphere for an experience in a new dimension. No, not that deep, just deep enough to feel like you're in a club, but you're not.

See you Thursday UMAMI fam and co.

With raving hearts,


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