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305 TILL I DIE!!!!

Ah yes, the old saying 305 till I die. First used by Pitbull, we’ve all used it at some point, either as a joke or in some type of conversation. It means simply, Miami till I fuckin die. Being born in Miami, raised in Miami or living in Miami, we’re lucky to encounter all walks of life, different cultures, different communities and different opinions. Even though we don’t agree on much, we all love Miami. That, and we all call it home. 

305 till I die is a saying that makes Miami’s community. We don’t agree (besides on traffic and tourists), we stick up a lot of middle fingers and we’re pretty fucking selfish, but we all have respect for the city. Yes, many of us say we want to leave and that we’re fed up with it, but are we actually? Miami always has people coming back. Something about the great weather, beautiful girls and our favorite, locals, keeps people around. What keeps you in Miami?