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"Visually Causing Ruckus"

As promised, our unknown artist. This man is amazing. I got the chance to ask for his instagram (IG) before he went back to work. He's unstoppable when he's in the zone. Unstoppable in the sense that in 95 degree weather, he's working his ass off.

He's got a mohawk, bleached hair and wears whatever the fuck he wants. His name is @weerdo1994. I'm guessing he was born in 1994 and to all but me, he might be a weerdo. 

Part of the "Fukt Krew" with locals including mutavision, jerryspringer305, registered_artist, and kat_matrina, weerdo1994 does it all. He creates murals,  sells artwork and, if that's not enough, he'll give you a tat or two.

To us he's special. He's got something different. There's great, I mean amazingly great graffiti artists in Miami/Wynwood that we'll get to, but he's first for a reason. Besides being one of the first artists I've approached to continue working and not care about my presence (I think it's great), his art has meaning. It's him.

Check it out. I've seen art from Miami to New York to Amsterdam to Thailand. It's all different and yes, there's a reason it's made. I'm not saying that all art besides his doesn't have meaning. I'm saying that I've seen a lot of art that has a specific meaning without the artist immersing themselves in it. Let's give you an example before I get a bunch of emails saying "UMAMI, you piece of shit. My art and I have meaning!". 

Picasso. I love Picasso. I've written about him before and I've studied multiple of his works. His work has meaning. He experimented and transitioned from piece to piece in movements. As he aged, his art aged with him. I, and hopefully you can see that  certain life periods  address a certain issue, a certain societal value and he, being Picasso, shows how he feels. His art has meaning and he famously shows himself through painting. 

I'm putting Weerdo right up there with Picasso. The more I dig, the more I find. Weerdo brings together his life into artwork. I mean, look at his most recent mural on our IG @umamimusic. He makes the "typical" Miami with pink lettering, palm trees and the Miami sky line not so typical.  I mean, Grim reaper is spray painting the whole thing! What's that supposed to mean Weerdo? I'll make an educated (or uneducated) guess. Weerdo isn't typical. He doesn't see Miami through typical glasses and he sure doesn't want to. Looking at things typically is too easy. Weerdo is out there. He's creating ruckus. 

Side Note: The amazing Weerdo's IG is @weerdo1994. UMAMI contacted him before putting out this blog. He supports UMAMI and kindly asks you to show him love. We don't kindly ask, we're telling you. Check him the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck the fuck out. Did I say the fuck?