Is this art...

Art, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". 

Thanks for the intro Oxford, I couldn't think of anything. Since who knows how long ago (actually), art has been a dominant part of ones culture. We have always had this innate ability to create. Well, maybe not innate if it was necessity but ya know what I mean.

At first, it was fire. Even though it doesn't use a brush or camera, it's people collaborating to make something new, making it, to UMAMI, an art form. From there, art has developed to include sculptures, painting, photographs, videos and so much more. What I want to talk about is the "so much more".

As the Piccasso's as we'll call them took the world by storm, people developed the idea that artists paint, take pictures, or sculpt. Art, for that matter, is seen by the majority of our public as visual. What we forget about is the other forms , some which have only been around in the 21st century. 

My favorite example is food. Food is an art form! What chefs create in the kitchen makes them artists. Ok, most of you are probably thinking that I'm out of my mind. I see your point, but try to see mine. What's the difference between painting a mural and creating a beautiful plate of food? Both take creativity, long hours of hard work, imagination and perfection. What a chef does in the kitchen, how he prepares the food and ultimately presents it makes him an artist. 

A more recent example is technology. Computer programmers and application developers are all artists. They work on making new apps, better forms of communication, and write new codes to make technology (hopefully) easier to use. You might not think of these "geeks" as artists but their underlying passion lies in creating new. What makes them different then a painter starting on a fresh canvas? Besides that they're using computers of course!

Artists are everywhere and anywhere. Being an artist doesn't technically make you a visual artist. Quite the contrary, calling yourself an artist can be for close to anything (especially today). I'm an artist because I play bass, my close friend is an artist for designing clothes, my cousin is an artist for DJing, my dad is an artist for being a scientist and creating new, better public health initiatives and my aunt is an artist for writing. This list can go on and on, but I'm getting hungry and I'm going out to dinner. These artists better create some fire!